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If you are looking for a drone service company or even considering using drones, we are here to give you a cinematographic experience. Our team of highly trained drone experts delivers services anywhere in Nigeria, with specialization for virtually any project. We also train interested parties how to fly drone for aerial photography/videography or how …


Documentary Production Crew in Abuja

We have setup an efficient documentary production crew in Abuja Nigeria who are willing to travel to any state to shoot documentaries for NGOs or TV broadcast. We have the right equipments and over 16 years experience . Our crew are very familiar with Nigeria terrain.We have worked for UN, USAID, DFID, Ministry of Budget …

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Drone End User Certificate Application in Nigeria

For all our clients calling from within and outside Nigeria for clarifications on how they can obtain an end user certificate  to bring in a drone into Nigeria for both part time projects and professional use. i will try to address your questions here i am a drone expert based in Abuja Nigeria that offer …

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