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  1. Executive Summary

Capital power Multimedia is a results-driven creative experts offering a full suite of Animation, Photography, Videography, Film/Documentary Production, Drone services, Prints, Design and Marketing services for both development organizations and government. Our operation model implements an economic development whose mission is to create business solutions to poverty using multimedia innovations.

We have been developing product lines of educational animated contents to trigger massive ICT oriented education revolution in indigenous languages in Nigeria so when we heard of COVID-19 pandemic, we started creating animated videos localizing COVID-19 related information from the World Health Organization and other vetted data sources into indigenous Nigerian languages. We are doing this because we are in a country of over 200 million people and up to 40% of this number lack proper education. As an indigenous content creator, we understand our target audience, their believes and values, the social and cultural norms that shape their lives and we consider all these while localizing our animation to make it more acceptable for them.

We also discovered through analysis that the major cause of spread of fake news is because of lack of credible contents so we are releasing our contents on WhatsApp and other social media channels for free empowering, development organizations, government, community leaders, church leaders, youth groups and community based organizations with the right tools to circulate.

We have deepened the languages to Nupe, Kanuri and Fufulde targeting the huge populations of the internally displaced people in Borno, and Yobe state. We are working with communications teams of 8 development organizations including government health workers to provide us with technical assistance to install Solar powered TV screens where 120 contents covering sensitizations, anti-discrimination, mental health, community participation animations will be displayed for the internally displaced to watch and learn.

At the end, our project will directly impact 40 million people in Nigeria and across Africa

View all our Covid-19 Animations here :

2. Context and Situation Analysis

According to our research, 40 percent of Nigerians are illiterates while those displaced by Boko Haram violence in North east Nigeria has lost their rights to basic education. Citizens who fall within these constituencies are found in rural, semi urban and internally displaced people’s camps in Nigeria. Considering them as the major target population is our innovative way of stimulating response to confront their vulnerability and to mitigate the community spread of COVID-19 virus.

Our need assessment process revealed that a larger percentage of these vulnerable population are women and they do have android devices which they use as their only means of telephone communications.

With over 40 percent of those who were able to review the contents of their android devices with us, gave us conclusions that fake news and propaganda videos and images including a little fraction of their local musical albums were the major contents of their devices.

To confront the circulation of fake news, we have to create series of generic sensitization animations to confront their major lack in details of best practice enlightenment that will guarantee their healthy wellbeing and restore peace.

The currently witnessed community spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria will hit IDP camps and semi urban communities due to poor sanitation, nucleated settlements and high populations per square meter ratio. More so, development organizations and government agencies providing succor to these vulnerable populations do not have the technical capacity nor budget to produce generic contents as a tool to sensitize these vulnerable populations. During our first level consultations with them, they were excited to agree that if we could provide them with generic animations in local languages, it will be easier for them to reach more people with awareness information more especially preventive tips to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19.

We are currently producing 120 animations under 12 months to drive this process and our reach is estimated to be over 40 million people.

3. Rationale for Grant Support

Capital Power Multimedia is made up of highly motivated content creation team that is in the frontline of developmental project documentary productions and end of project review for development organizations and government.

The founder of capital power has been going to the field for 16 years now and some of the clients we have completed development projects review for included, UN Women, UNIDO, UN REDD+, WHO FCTC, Plan International, MDGs-Nigeria, British Council, etc. our completed productions for these organizations can be seen here:

From the experience of our team, we have the skill set and equipment to produce these 120 COVID-19 sensitization animations and to use the same channel of organizations to distribute it to communities and IDP camps.

We have currently received grant from Co Creating hub through the support of CDC Africa to produce the first 10 animations for the first month and under 3 weeks of productions, we were able to finish 14 animations making it a known fact that we have the capacity to exceed timelines and target. The 14 completed animations can be seen in this google drive folder

Therefore, receiving grant from your organization will further empower us to complete these animations and distribute to over 40 million beneficiaries in order to flatten the COVID-19 Curve in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The major beneficiaries of this project includes, The internally displaced people in North East Nigeria who we have already produced animations in their mother tongue, the remote community people, the semi urban populations and the 40% of 200 million illiterate Nigerians including pregnant women and nursing mothers.

4. Results and Resources Framework

 This project started 1st April 2020 and will be completed 1st April 2021, implementation starts with pre production research, where we discuss with the beneficiaries to find out their ideas of contents that will make more meaning to them, next phase is to research for generic information on sensitization issue of choice from World Health Organization, we super check this information for consistency in Africa Center for Disease Control and we localize the content into different indigenous languages to deepen understanding and usage.

During distribution, we mobilize pregnant women and nursing mothers who go for anti natal and post natal checkups to be ambassadors of these distribution through empowering them with necessary tools under our partnership with health workers and other community based organizations more especially in the IDPs and pro poor communities.

After six months of distribution, an impact assessment evaluation will be conducted using a chain of information distribution framework we developed. Collected responses from health workers registers and measuring change. An evidence based documentary will also be produced for this first quarter which will feature the dashboard of progress made and expected deliverables for the second quarter of the project.

5. Partnerships

Capital Power Multimedia is one of 8 African innovators supported by African Union, CDC Africa, Co Creation Hub and GIZ to produce animations that will be used to flatten the COVID-19 Curve across Africa

Link to the publication:

Africa CDC:

Under this partnership, we have received N400,000 estimated to assist us produce the first 10 animations but we have ended up producing 14 animations making us exceed expectations in the first month of the project.

They are also providing us with technical supports to increase our languages to Arabic, French etc to serve other vulnerable Africans.


We are also in discussion with Borno State Government to go through the emergency operation centers to engage all health workers working in IDP Camps by providing them with necessary sensitization animations which they will share with pregnant women and nursing mothers who are our major focal persons for this project.

6. Monitoring, reporting, Management Arrangements and risk mitigation modalities

The project implementation stage will be reviewed in two phases, the first phase will be after six months and distribution of 60 animations. We will review response through our focal persons, who are pregnant women and nursing mothers, we will implement development communications framework on monitoring and evaluation. We will compare records of the health registers in health care centers in internally displaced camps, rural areas and semi urban areas where our our target beneficiaries live. We will monitor how our sensitizations flatten the curve in terms of new infections, stigmatization, mental health and most especially, a total drop in maternal death due to infectious diseases.

We will interpret the data, include lessons learnt to improve on the second phase then implement another 6 months

After implementation, an impact assessment review will be conducted and an evidence based documentary produced, giving credits to the grantors and submitting it with a detailed acquittal report and receipts.

All animation development and design will be implemented in our animation studio in Abuja with zero risk factor while distribution goes through an institutional process to ensure sustainability and consistent data control

7.   Sustainability

Animation creation is our day to day   job and we have all the equipment and skills to start an animation project and complete it without any form of breakdown therefore our production phase is internally sustainable.

The distribution is free and through WhatsApp which is also an application that has come to stay. As soon as the animation goes viral, distribution will be sustained by the people who will continue to share amongst their peers

For Funding and Collaboration

Contact George Ugwuja


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