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Video Production Company in Abuja

We are the right video production company with head office in Abuja to produce your video content. Maybe it’s an explainer video, maybe it’s just a one minute piece for your Facebook fans. it could be an interview for TV broadcast or documentary, Regardless of the scope of the project, we are the right video production partner that will exceed your expectations.

Capital Power Multimedia have fearless filmmakers spread across Nigeria
Professional Video Producers in Abuja

Our Unique Qualities

1. Professional Portfolio

If you take a look at our portfolio, you will be convinced that we have the right equipments and skills to implement your project. we bring in quality that is hard to match in the industry.

From what you can see, our works are detailed, easy to understand,  and reflects the tone of the piece most organizations are looking for. we feel confident that we can handle your job.

2. Timeliness

Before the project starts, we develop implementation schedule which guarantees that it will be delivered on time,  there are always indicators of punctuality to look for before we get going. we reply within a reasonable amount of time, in the middle of your project, we do not disappear for several days without notice. When you  call, we pick up.

From a business perspective, it’s just a plain good idea to be as effective with time as possible to get the maximum value from every client (and prevent losing them in the middle of the buyer journey). that is why we are so respectful of your time.

3. Clear Expectations

Before we get started on any video, we have a debriefing session with our client about their goals, expectations and conceptual input on the piece. we provide valuable resources to help define the type of script, storyline, length options available. These help us coach our client through their expectations, as well as demonstrate how committed we are to ours.

4. Creativity

These days, there are too way many explainer video companies to count. In a market as saturated as this one, you start to see the same styles and formats over and over again. our videos are full of creativity outside the norm of video production.

We know when a video looks good and we use that judgement when taking shots in the field.

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