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We are excited to announce that we have designed a digital marketing strategy that will benefit small companies, multinationals and government to upscale accountability and sales.

Social Media Training

Local SEO

Google and other search engines are serving a lot of local queries now a days. For example, a keyword like ict shops near me or best computer shop in Abuja are few popular local keywords. The user is looking for results from nearby area or from a city.  For businesses having physical presence in a city should focus on local SEO. Google Business Profile (earlier known as Google My Business) is one place where a local business should be listed and optimized.

On local queries or keyword, GBP results appear above the website results in SEO. With local SEO, you learn about making your business appear in Google’s 3-Pack results i.e. under top 3 local results with maps.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – One of the most important of Various Modules in Digital Marketing

General SEO of websites should be given priority while learning digital marketing. A very important modules as you learn how to make a website rank on top positions on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In this module, the focus will be on learning on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques.

Web Analytics

Digital marketing is mainly focused on getting traffic on our website or landing page. It becomes very important to track and monitor the traffic of our site as well as keep eye on competitor’s websites.

Website Analytics is the module focused on traffic analysis using Google Analytics and other tools.

 Google Ads

Running paid advertisement using Google’s network is an important part of digital marketing training. PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to bring immediate traffic on website or landing page from SERP. To boost conversion on the website, one should run various types of Google Ads.

Search Ad, Shopping Ad, Display Ad & Video Ad are few sub-topics of Google Ads module.

It’s important to learn conversion tracking measurement, audience manager, keyword planner, ad preview and diagnosis tool, Google Merchant centre etc. in Google Ads dashboard.

Social Media

Every social media platform is different from other. Facebook is a social networking site whereas Twitter is for micro blogging. Similarly, LinkedIn is professional’s network and Instagram is a visual social platform.

As part of digital marketing course, you learn about using these various social media platforms for business.

In Facebook, you learn about creating and managing Facebook business pages. Producing engaging content and generating leads from the platform is part of the curriculum.

In social media modules, you may see Facebook group as a different module as well. It’s about managing or becoming part of a community. You can join or create private and public groups. Help others in the group or you may also seek help there.

Instagram account management is part of the various modules in digital marketing. How to produce content like Instagram post, reels, stories and IGTV videos should be covered in the module.

Generating engagement and growing follower base on Instagram is also covered in this module

You may learn some amazing tools to create beautiful designs and keep track of the account’s growth on Instagram.

LinkedIn, another very effective module in digital marketing course. A professional’s network focused on career and professional growth. People connect with each other and use connection for business or personal growth.

On LinkedIn one can,

  • Build right network
  • Find a good job
  • Hire talent
  • Generate Sales and Leads for business

It is an amazing platform for B2B (Business to Business) model.

LinkedIn allows you run paid campaigns (Ads) to target people at specific positions or working in certain companies. It also allows to target people based on years of experience.

Twitter, a micro blogging platform where one can share something in limited 280 characters. How to share and engage people using Twitter for business. You will learn effective tools to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Facebook Ads

Paid advertisement on Facebook and Instagram is covered in this module. This module will cover the following ad types in Facebook Ad Manager tool,

  • Awareness
    • Brand Awareness
    • Reach
  • Consideration
    • Traffic
    • Lead Generation
    • Video Views
    • Messages
    • App Installation
  • Conversion
    • Conversion
    • Sales Catalogue
    • Store Visit

Cold Audience and Re-targeting will be part of the learning. While covering various modules in digital marketing, Facebook Ads should be given immense importance.

Email Marketing

Sending bulk emails to thousands of subscribers is part of email marketing module. Out of various modules in digital marketing, Email Marketing is where you directly communicate with potential leads and prospects.

Almost every Internet user is having at least one email ID. How to nurture the leads with email engagement and improve conversion rate is the key. Tools like Mailchimp, Aweber, Zoho Campaigns etc. should be part of the training in this module.

Ecommerce Marketing

Selling products online is need of the hour. People are showing more trust on online stores these days. Learn about setting up eCommerce websites. The training includes integration of payment gateways, shipping gateways etc.

Content Marketing

Writing good content is the core of marketing. Whether you are writing a blog article or sales copy or landing page headline, the writing skill is required. As a content writer you learn about writing good piece of content for human as well as bots.

Influence Marketing

How to hire an influential person on social media sites? How to engage with influencers and improve the brand presence for a company? These techniques of hunting and finding the right influencers for a particular project is part of this module.

Video Marketing

Creating videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. are must these days.

WhatsApp for Business

Business owners are aware of the benefits of using WhatsApp. With Business Account API, WhatsApp allows you to send reminders, greetings, welcome message etc. to leads and customers. It helps in nurturing leads and converting those.

In this module you learn about WhatsApp for Business and API account setup.

Telegram Marketing

After WhatsApp, Telegram is the most used communication channel these days. Better features and privacy in Telegram made the platform so popular.

How to use Telegram Broadcast, Groups, Subscription etc. to engage and convert leads.

SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is still alive and is helpful in many situations e.g. event reminder & for OTP. Learn about setting up Promotional, Transactional and OTP SMS service using SMS Gateways.

One Year Digital Marketing Retainer 

Capital Power Multimedia will sign long-term agreement between your company and our agency. This is typically billed yearly at a flat rate. Within the retainer, Capital Power Multimedia will provide digital marketing services for your company for one year for an agreed fee.

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