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Videography Training

Here’s Capital Power Multimedia training outline for our short videography course:

  1. Introduction to videography
    • Overview of videography
    • Types of videography
    • Importance of videography
    • Video production practicals
  2. Camera basics
    • Types of cameras
    • Camera settings
    • Camera accessories
    • Camera setup and shooting practicals
  3. Lighting
    • Types of lighting
    • Lighting techniques
    • Lighting equipment
    • Lighting setup and dissolving shadows
  4. Audio
    • Types of microphones
    • Audio recording techniques
    • Audio equipment
    • Audio setup and recording practicals
  5. Composition and shot types
    • Composition rules
    • Shot types and angles
    • Framing techniques
    • Shooting comprehension test
  6. Post-production
    • Editing software
    • Editing techniques and tools
    • Color grading and correction
    • Importing to timeline and editing practical(basic)
  7. Finalizing and sharing
    • Exporting and rendering
    • File formats and compression
    • Sharing and distribution options
    • Exporting, comprehension and upload practicals
  8. Certificate.

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