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Capital Power Multimedia Ltd specializes in creating non-fiction films or videos that document real events, people, or issues. We work independently or in collaboration with broadcasters, streaming services, NGOs or other media outlets to produce documentaries that inform, educate, and entertain audiences. Over the years, we have worked so hard to become the leading hand in humanitarian documentary subgenre which we are going to talk about in this article.

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Humanitarian documentary production is a subgenre of documentary filmmaking that focuses on human rights issues, social justice, and humanitarian crises. These documentaries aim to raise awareness and inspire action on issues such as poverty, inequality, conflict, and displacement.

Humanitarian documentary production often involves working closely with NGOs, activists, and individuals affected by the issue at hand.  Our filmmakers  spend time in communities, gathering stories and footage that illustrate the impact of the crisis or issue. We also conduct interviews with experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders to provide context and analysis.

The goal of humanitarian documentary production is not only to inform audiences about the issue but also to inspire them to take action. This  involves advocating for policy change, supporting a particular organization or cause, or engaging in other forms of activism.

Overall, humanitarian documentary production can be a powerful tool for promoting social change and raising awareness about important issues affecting communities around the world.

If you or your organization want to produce documentary in Nigeria, first thing you have to do is send us your Terms of Reference (TOR) and Request for Quotation(RFQ) and we will immediately evaluate, cost the project and work with your team until we achieve your targets.

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