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Content Creation for NGOs

The main purpose of our content creation services for NGOs is audience engagement

If your NGO is going to invest your resources in content creation, then it must have a demonstrable effect on your organization

We have the tools and human resource fully trained to help increase audience retention online by using visual content. We will create documentaries, images, video, animation and infographics in order to engage your audience.

content creation for NGOs

Our visual content creation strategy will be sure to increase your success across social networks, because:

Video is predicted to comprise 82% of online traffic by 2021;

Images receive more views and shares than any other kind of content; and

The use of visuals in your marketing can increase conversions by up to 329%.

To detail your content’s strategic purpose, we use these three indicators:

Priority desired outcome

Priority target audience

Priority target audience’s need

Our focus is to prioritize your reason(s) for creating and distributing the content, which includes identifying your top audience and its most relevant need.

For many NGOs, you face a challenge because you almost always must serve at least two audiences – the people who receive your services and the people who support those services through time or money. You can’t have one without the other.

To hire Capital Power to solve your content creation needs

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